Singapore Elections 2011: Funny Stuff on Twitter for my Friends who Don’t Tweet

Been telling my friends to get on Twitter but they prefer Facebook. They don’t know what they are missing.  This is just a taste. Sorry about the mess. Just copied and pasted from twitter:
Without twitter I would have no idea about this video where George Yeo gamely gets grilled by Wendy Cheng (xiaxue).  Loved the akward questions she posed.  Glad she did not hold back.  Would be really cool if they could do this for all the candidates.
There are loads of funny sign placements like this one.  Hope the people who put them up don’t get into trouble.
Loved this tweet of an endearing Kenneth Jeyaretnam trying to learn how to type in a heart sign.  He always seems so serious, but I think it’s just his nature to be reserved.
#AppleislikePAP : After all these years, still effectively run by its founder. #sgelections
Has a strange fascination with the colour white.#sgelections
Works well on its own, but does not mix well with others. #sgelections
Everything works well, but it does not come cheap. #sgelections
White iPhone out tomorrow in US. Apple is going all-PAP in support of #sgelections
Leticia Bongnino
Actually although Leticia cannot vote, Leticia support PAP. Uniform easier to wash. #sgElections
Leticia Bongnino
iPhone now available in white. Sir say just in time for #sgelections
When Leticia tell sir, he say Workers Party umbrella offer best protection against lightning.
Terry say LTA implement all these lorry safety rules, then how come#sgElections everyone can stand up wave flag shout shout all on lorry?

Even Chan Show Mao is on twitter now

Chen Show Mao

ChenShowMao Chen Show Mao

On way to next outreach. Rally speech uppermost in my mind because not done. Should have given myself an afternoon..#sgelections #wpsg
Kinmun Lee

mrbrown Kinmun Lee

Wah even @ChenShowMao also got Twitter liao #sgelections
The lighting jokes write themselves, in lightning prone Singapore
@fonggf: It’s a sunny afternoon, yet I see lightning bolts everywhere around my estate! #sgelections

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