Things People in Singapore say

Just some things I overheard when travelling on the MRT or sitting at a cafe.

Often I don’t even want to hear these conversations, especially those of business folks who seem so overconfident and love the sound of their own voice. I would prefer some peace (they often plop themselves beside me and speak so loudly) so I think it’s fair game I share it here.

It seems that after covid, business folks have spilled into non office spaces and have their business meetings and calls at cafes rather than at their respective offices. So if they wanted privacy and not leak business intelligence, they should take that into account. But most companies want to save office rental costs so this is what is happening as office space shrinks.

I have a fake tattoo …my mother won’t let me get a real one. {tertiary students- girls who appeared to be friends)

Can I have a croi sawnt (croissant) and a mo char (mocha) latte? {elderly Singaporean}

You always need to have a bit of a killer instinct. {expat/marketing manager}

The good thing is many of my friends from Hong Kong are here. {expat in finance}

You know that every minister has a social media person. The minister gets a call by 7am if there is anything negative {expat/marketing business people)

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