Can I Go Back to the Nineties Please?

I must be missing out I think, as I watch people get ecstatic on social media, posting jubilant memes in response to Singapore lifting some covid restrictions. Alcohol consumption will soon be allowed after 10.30 pm and live music.

You see, I generally don’t drink. I can’t hold my alcohol. I get sleepy and feel not too good tummy wise after just a tiny glass. I don’t mind sips of sweet cocktails though. Anyway, my Oncologist advised me not to and it’s no great pain to me.

I’m an oldie who loves getting to bed early, doesn’t like parties to go on for more than 3 hours and have gotten used to skipping dinner. I don’t get stomach issues or reflux anymore and that’s great. Even when I’m out with my partner, after the 3rd hour, my energy wanes. On a good day, I go to bed at 9pm.

I did enjoy going to clubs when I was young though. It was the Nineties and it was fun and exciting. I has endless energy and would be fine the next day at work, even with zero sleep. I was a total nerd, but at least I experienced a bit of this night scene, but it was more about the company and shared experience with friends.

Life was beyond amazing from age 21 when I started working till age 32. I had really good friends at work then. Brilliant colleagues who became friends and bosses I actually admired. They treated us with respect and dignity. No backstabbing, bullying colleagues who only wanted to get ahead at all costs. We were always rooting for each other. Just so pure and lovely. Unreal right? A fantasy? But yeah I had that. I was also young, naive and cheerful then, not prepared for the rude awakening of the toxic world ahead.

From 2003, various traumas struck (cancer not being one of them but a result) and everything started to go south. But that’s a whole other depressing story. I’ve gone from happy extrovert to an anxiety ridden introvert who needs alone time to reboot.

You would think alcohol would be needed to cope, but my vice of choice is tasty food and coffee. I prefer alcohol in my food like in a fruitcake infused with rum or whiskey. So incredibly enticing to this carb addict and emotional eater.

I am a shadow of my former self, but through blogging, I hope to regain a bit of my life force.

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2 Responses to Can I Go Back to the Nineties Please?

  1. Janet Hill says:

    If you figure out a way to go back, please take me with you! AHAHHAHAHA. Such good times. We are so fortunate to have experienced so much in the 90’s. Mostly innocent and sweet which I really love.

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