Totally Frivolous Post: Am I the only one who thinks David Beckham looks like Ricky Gervais?

When I told B about this theory of mine, he said no way.  But then I did a search and discovered I am not the only one out there who thinks David Beckham is starting to look more and more like a skinny Ricky Gervais. Especially with his current hairstyle, the eyes and the teeth. They have similar higher pitched voices too.

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And then I found a picture of a teen Ricky Gervais and the resemblance was uncanny. He looked a lot like David Bowie as well.

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Was debating whether to blog about something as insignificant and frivolous as this, but since I am part of this crazy celebrity obsessed culture, I guess I will.

And why was I thinking about this? Well David Beckham and Victoria Beckham just had their long awaited daughter and she’s been named Harper Seven. Reminded me of a name of a pharmaceutical drug or medication. Some have been saying it sounds like a Singaporean pronunciation of Half Past Seven. Still I can’t wait to see how Victoria dresses her up. The media is predictably reporting that Suri Cruise now has competition.

Incidentally though, Ricky Gervais does not think much about the couple and dissed them in a recent interview.

“We don’t need any more pictures of Posh and Becks,” the comedian harrumphs. He says it is not global warming or a third world war which worries him, but the proliferation of celebrity which the couple represents.
“And we’ve got enough singers now,” Gervais adds, for good measure. “Let’s stop finding more singers. We don’t need any more entertainers. We don’t need any more of that.”
What the country needs, he feels, are people who actually “make things.”

{via Telegraph}

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