#19. Simple Joys: A Glimpse of Thaipusam and Devotees carrying Kavadis and Milk Pots

So glad my partner agreed to drive through Little India even with the traffic crunch. I really wanted a glimpse of the festivities. I truly respect the devotion of the devotees and was looking out for my cousin and her husband who may have been somewhere along the route.

Although I wish that live music drums and singing would be allowed. It wasn’t allowed during covid but even if it is now I did not hear it.

That’s what I recall from my childhood. Music, drums and singing. My dad always brought us to all the festivals. Thaipusam and the Chingay Parade were some of my childhood highlights. Travel (air travel) was too expensive in the 70’s, so we were entertained mostly in Singapore and with car rides to Malaysia. So festivities were something to appreciate.

Accidentally taken picture that focused on the raindrops. Sparkled like diamonds. I felt the light rain was blessing, bringing cool comfort to the devotees

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