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David Beckham’s Prank with Ellen: Sells his Own Perfume

This will make you laugh. David is so down to earth and a good sport. Although I have been criticizing his wife Victoria lately, just for the super high heels while carrying baby, I think she’s pretty funny and comes … Continue reading

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Totally Frivolous Post: Am I the only one who thinks David Beckham looks like Ricky Gervais?

When I told B about this theory of mine, he said no way.  But then I did a search and discovered I am not the only one out there who thinks David Beckham is starting to look more and more … Continue reading

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Why are Prince William, Harry and Beckham Wearing Those Awful Ties?

Huffington Post is doing a survey on who would you like to hang out with, but all I could think of was why those handsome young princes wearing such ugly oldish ties. Or is that the trend these days cos … Continue reading

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