Captivated by Alan Shadrake’s Account from a Singapore Jail

By now I am sure you are familiar with Alan Shadrake and his imprisonment. I was totally captivated and horrified at the same time as I read the 76 year old’s tale from prison. He has since been deported and is in London.


I felt awful, as anyone would, as he was describing how the pain from the slipped disc returned as he slept on the concrete floor and it brought to attention how prison standards all over the world differs. It was quite a scary account and you can read the full story at Yawning Bread.

Here is an extract:

Inside were two other prisoners, both Chinese, one in his late twenties, the other late thirties, and both doing time for ‘white collar’ crimes, they told me after we were introduced. One of them, ‘Adam’, whose sentence had begun a few days earlier, looked amazed as he saw me come in. ‘I can’t believe it’s you,’ he exclaimed. ‘I’ve been following your case and didn’t dream we would be sharing the same cell!’….

{via Yawning Bread}

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