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Toddler Safety

Toddlers can get into all kinds of scraps so I had to write a post about toddler safety. I feel like they need to be supervised at all times. I would be fearful about unsupervised toddlers as they are constantly … Continue reading

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Almost Choked on a Pill the Other Day

Often I read a blog post and I can absolutely relate. I totally understand Rene’s fear of swallowing pills. I hate swallowing pills too. It’s why I never take pills that are good for you like those fish oil tablets that … Continue reading

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A Tale of My Acquired Taste

Japanese food wasn’t something I ate at all till I was the ripe old age of 28. Before that, my first time was pretty traumatic, ending up with food poisoning and after that I avoided Japanese restaurants. I’m thinking that … Continue reading

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Arguing About Which Coffee Joint makes the Best Latte

B was insisting that Jewel makes the best coffee but I was saying that I preferred what I had at Forty Hands. But I had the iced latte at the latter, so it wasn’t a totally fair comparison. We returned … Continue reading

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The Poster: My Sister Loves Shibly Prata

I was pretty excited when I came across a poster, just yesterday, using a quote of mine. Well actually the the blog title of my post about Shibly Prata. It was a post I wrote way back in July last … Continue reading

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Talking About the Panic Attacks and My Need for Space

I hope you never ever suffer from a panic attack, but if you do, you might be able to relate to what I wrote recently. Well if you have any phobia that is intense, you might be able to relate … Continue reading

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A Blog Post by Ivan Chew that Shook me to the Core

Every now and then I come across a blog post that is just so powerful and moving. I read it some time ago but could not get it out of my head. I just had to share Ivan Chew’s story … Continue reading

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What Was it Like for you as a Six Year Old in School?

I wrote one of my more personal posts, about what it was like for me as a child in Primary School. To be honest it was one of those posts I felt a bit self conscious writing. A teeny bit … Continue reading

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The Story of Halloween

Living in Singapore all my life, I have never seen kids Trick or Treating and it always looked like fun on TV. Most Singaporeans like myself don’t really know the origins of Halloween which has become another commercialized holiday. Thought … Continue reading

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Captivated by Alan Shadrake’s Account from a Singapore Jail

By now I am sure you are familiar with Alan Shadrake and his imprisonment. I was totally captivated and horrified at the same time as I read the 76 year old’s tale from prison. He has since been deported and … Continue reading

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