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Toddler Safety

Toddlers can get into all kinds of scraps so I had to write a post about toddler safety. I feel like they need to be supervised at all times. I would be fearful about unsupervised toddlers as they are constantly … Continue reading

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Almost Choked on a Pill the Other Day

Often I read a blog post and I can absolutely relate. I totally understand Rene’s fear of swallowing pills. I hate swallowing pills too. It’s why I never take pills that are good for you like those fish oil tablets that … Continue reading

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A Tale of My Acquired Taste

Japanese food wasn’t something I ate at all till I was the ripe old age of 28. Before that, my first time was pretty traumatic, ending up with food poisoning and after that I avoided Japanese restaurants. I’m thinking that … Continue reading

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Arguing About Which Coffee Joint makes the Best Latte

B was insisting that Jewel makes the best coffee but I was saying that I preferred what I had at Forty Hands. But I had the iced latte at the latter, so it wasn’t a totally fair comparison. We returned … Continue reading

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The Poster: My Sister Loves Shibly Prata

I was pretty excited when I came across a poster, just yesterday, using a quote of mine. Well actually the the blog title of my post about Shibly Prata. It was a post I wrote way back in July last … Continue reading

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Talking About the Panic Attacks and My Need for Space

I hope you never ever suffer from a panic attack, but if you do, you might be able to relate to what I wrote recently. Well if you have any phobia that is intense, you might be able to relate … Continue reading

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A Blog Post by Ivan Chew that Shook me to the Core

Every now and then I come across a blog post that is just so powerful and moving. I read it some time ago but could not get it out of my head. I just had to share Ivan Chew’s story … Continue reading

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