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The wonderful and always sweet Crystal of Expat Bostonians invited me to participate in the 7 Links Blog Project. Thanks Crystal.

I’ve written 1751 posts (crazy I know) in 1 year 4.5 months. I treat this blog like my journal, so I just need to write and don’t bother too much about editing or quality (sorry). It was hard to narrow down to 7, but I got some help from my WordPress stats page in order to help me narrow them down. I cheated a bit as 2 posts are actually pages.

1. My Most Beautiful Post: 100 Reasons to be Happy in Singapore
Everybody needs a bit of happiness and that’s why I am so happy that I started this quirky and very personal list. It forced me to think positive as well and I am glad it’s still work in progress.

2. My Most Popular Post: Babytard is on the new James Blunt CD ‘Some Kind of Trouble’
I am both a big fan of the Shaytards as well as the music of James Blunt. I was a fan of James Blunt long before I discovered the Shaytards, but the fact that James Blunt was so down to earth and sweet to little Babytard of the Shaytards has made me an even bigger fan. So not only does he write amazing songs, he’s a nice guy too.

3. My Most Controversial Post: Scary Parade Banner
This was from something my cousin sent me and urged me to blog about. I think the controversial National Day Parade Banner was probably deemed inappropriate and removed, because after that no one else seems to have spotted it.

4. My Most Helpful Post: Singapore’s First Farmer’s Market at Loewen Gardens
I guess not many people in Singapore know this fresh produce market exists. Glad I took so many photos so that more people could be enticed to visit this wonderful market, held every two weeks, at Dempsey Road.

5. My Most Surprisingly Successful Post: French Girl in a Singapore Household – Culture Shock
I loved the photo I used in this post and it was fun interviewing my cousin. I never imagined it would get so many links and hits.

6. My Most Underrated Post: My Trips out of Singapore
I wish this post would get more notice. It’s because whenever I travel I look to other blogs for information, so I tried to pack these posts with as much information as I could.

7. Post I am Most Proud of: My Panic Attacks Terrify Me
I guess I am proud that I was able to be totally honest about my condition, even though I was hesistant at first.

I’m now asking 3 more bloggers to participate in this cool Blog Project. It’s a world-wide chain event and I can’t wait to see what posts you pick and who you invite next:

Orange Foamfinger

Lady J’s Musings

Chuzai Living

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6 Responses to My 7 Links

  1. Lady J says:

    Ooh this will be a slightly tougher meme but one that I will gamely part-take in. 😉

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  4. Crystal says:

    So glad you’ve done it! Sorry, I’ve been offline for about a week (since meeting up with R and E in San Francisco and then initially traveling to Boston) but I can’t wait to read these entries!

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