Little Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie on Ellen

I’ve been posting these videos on Twitter, but this is for everyone not on Twitter.  You have just got to see this little ballerina girl.  Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie, who’s rapping video of singer Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Base’ went viral. It was just so darn weird and wonderful.  Two little girls in ballerina outfits rapping lyrics that was very adult, but they probably had no idea what the words meant. It just turned out very cute. And Sophia Grace is the most energetic spunky little kid I have ever seen.


Sophia’s reaction when she meets her idol Nicki Minaj is just precious.  Oh the energy of that little girl.



And here was the original video that now has 9 million views.  Oh the power of the internet, especially YouTube.  Sophia is 8 and her cousin is just 5, although they both look about the same age to me.


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  1. carrot says:

    Sophia is really very in love with nicki! hahaha.. so much that she is so lovable.

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