Exploring Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Hawker Centre with My Cousin: Come Daily Hokkien Mee & Uggli Muffins

Had another wonderful day out with my cousin from Australia and B. So glad we could have a proper hawker meal and a wet version of Hokkien Mee which is what she likes best. There are also dry versions and over a charcoal fire versions. She hardly gets to go to an authentic hawker centre in Australia where she lives. She says it just can’t compare although these days she can get some Singapore hawker food in Australia.

We were all drenched in perspiration at the end of it as it was a super humid day with the weather going from scorching hot to conventional rain and back to scorching hot again. I guess it made for a truly authentic experience.

We got the larger S$8 version of the Hokkien Noodles as I think the regular size would have not been enough. Awesome buzzer system (collect the noodles when our token buzzes so we could take a seat and rest) so we didn’t have to stand in the queue like at many famous hawker places. Truly satisfied our craving. It’s my first time here too and the stall owners were warm and friendly. I was so surprised when I was encouraged to help myself to more chilli. (There are many other hawkers who are quite stingy over this due to rising costs, so a pleasant surprise indeed).

Happy they were so generous with the chilli and limes

B’s comments about the Hokkien mee: Quality of the Hokkien mee is quite good. Noodles are well soaked and have absorbed the cuttlefish/ prawn/ pork broth. This is the version of Hokkien mee with deep fried pork lard crushed into small bits and fried with the noodles – adding complexities in the texture.

Truly a wet version

Another lovely surprise was the Uggli Muffins stall. The owner was so welcoming, chirpy, quirky and friendly. He asked us “Your first time here?” And generously offered us whole Oreo and tomato muffins to try. He added that the tomato muffins were for “advanced tasters”. He was right to be confident as we enjoyed the muffins and bought a whole set to take away. I’ll definitely be back too. Compared to the moist muffins at Shun Foo these are smaller, more crispy and caramelised. Different unique flavours here for the adventurous. A great place to bring family from overseas for some local flavour. Just dress light. T shirt, shorts and flip flops for sure. Next to the professional looking ovens it was extra warm.

A great sweet snack after a savoury meal

B’s comments about the muffins: Good quality muffins with creative varieties. I like that they are not too sweet and suggest consuming them there while the crispy muffin tops are still crunchy and warm. Quality suffers a bit, upon taking it back and resting the muffins.

Friendly people & tasted amazing fresh out of the oven
So many flavours & the owner keeps innovating
The friendly owner. Eye catching stall indeed with all the posters

I’m looking forward to more hawker and high tea adventures with my cousin when she visits Singapore again. Somehow going with her makes it more fun. Hopefully no more pandemic keeping her away for more than 2 years. Truly too long. I also hope she knows that she’s always on my pedestal and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

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