Exploring how to Find Inner Peace

Wow. What Jim Carrey expresses is something I have tormented myself with as well. Wish it was easier to live in the moment rather than to worry about future events that haven’t yet occured. Sometimes things we imagine will be awful, but may turn out to be not as bad as we thought. I blew through so many weekends in dread of facing a bad office and horrible people who abused their power.  I was filled with so much anxiety about Monday. The whole weekend was pure torment.  I actually wished I could expire instead. None of the mean people who were the root of fear and resentment were suffering – just me. They were having holly jolly weekends.  That is why I find it so fascinating the concept of living in the now and the concept of stopping our minds.  That non-stop worrying voice which projects negative images in our head that we just can’t switch off.  If only there was an off button.


People may find Eckhart Tolle pretty hard to understand like I do as I read the first few pages of his book ‘The Power of Now’, and he has been dismissed by critics as spewing mumbo jumbo, but I can’t help but think there is an undeniable truth to what he says.  If only it was easy to get to that state of where you stop worrying about things that have not already occurred, I think the world would be a much better place.  For me it’s not even about happiness, but more about just peace and serenity.  I guess these are the things we think about when we reach mid life.

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  1. R64 says:

    True words. I think the search for “that button” is the holy grail for just about everyone on the planet (and that, in a way, is a reassuring thought — isn’t it?).

    Hey, a few years ago I ran across a lecture by a man called Randy Pausch, and I think you might find him interesting. His lecture (and the details surrounding it) definitely helped me out when I was struggling with the same worries about what everybody else thinks. If you have a quiet hour for yourself, watch his speech, it’s worth it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo

    I hope this helps you put things in perspective, like it did for me!

    • bookjunkie says:

      thanks for the help R64…will find a quiet moment to watch it 🙂 yes it is kinda comforting to not feel alone in this.

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