Walking from Tanjong Pagar MRT to Peck Seah Street

Just a post about what we saw along the way as we walked from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station to Peck Seah Street.  Our destination was actually Ann Siang Hill but it was lovely to take in details along the way.

I must say our National Heritage Board does a great job. I appreciate the boards they put up with details about the history of a building. Custom House at Maxwell Road dates back to colonial times – 1933.

Mostly a quiet office building with Once Upon a Milkshake located within.

Heard about this milkshake cafe but have yet to try it.

Not a very good day to walk. The sun was a killer. Blinding. And to think rain was predicted in the weather forecast. It never happened.

Along the way we passed the Red Dot Traffic Building and decided to pop in for cool air and a look at the gift shop.

Sweet jewellery designs. Liked the soft pink shades against the gold.

Thought cousins P would appreciate this leather camera case.

And then we crossed over to Peck Seah Street where the landmark is the Airview Building. Love how our tourist attractions are all so lovingly labelled. And in pink.

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