Books I Want to Read Again

I write about 3 books that immediately came to mind when I thought about books I wanted to read again. That’s the beauty of a great book – once is never enough. You can read about it at White As Milk and share with me your favourites.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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  1. R64 says:

    Hi bookjunkie, sorry to hijack this comment for this question, but have you heard about the Sticker Lady in Singapore? Have you seen her work? I’d be interested to know what you think about all this!

    (ps. I was in Hong Kong a while ago. Found a fancy bakery that had those macaron cookies I remember you wrote about. I tried some right there, all because of your blog post! I liked them but didn’t love them, but then again, I never really had a sweet tooth!)

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah Macarons can be kinda sweet. I can only do 1 or 2.

      I thought she was creative and sometimes we need to exercise judgement as to what is vandalism. I guess from the authorities perspective I figure they must think if they let one go there will be others? but I really thought she was creative and those stickers were part of an endorsed government arts thing. I hope some enterprising company offers her a job from all of this. She definitely has talent.

  2. Dancer from the Dance is one of the books I’d like to re-read. When I read it, I was too young to know the significance of it. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel is seriously under-rated. The last part makes me cry, so I’d re-read. Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans would be my third book.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I have read almost all of Ishiguro but I’ve missed that one. Will check it out.

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