What are the three best decisions you’ve ever made?

I keep dwelling on decisions I regret so I am keen to do this more positive exercise instead. In real time. That is, whatever I type right now will be published unedited.

1. Immediately I think of travel. There is no trip I regret. Even the worst one shaped me in some way. I love learning about new cultures and it’s just refreshing to have brand new surroundings especially if it includes communing with nature, including flora and fauna.

2. To always say yes to any chance to spend time with my loved ones. I only regret moments when I said no for some reason or other. Usually I was miserable if I couldn’t make it. Especially pertaining to the littlest ones as time flies and children grow up faster than you know.

3. To study and that includes reading on my own. I can never get enough of learning. I hunger for it.

I could expand on this post, but I wanted to record my immediate thoughts first.

Asking my mum the same question:

1. Learn to drive

2. Did things independently – learnt to cook from scratch without any help, also doing marketing and grocery shopping for necessities on my own.

3. Looking after my own children without any help. They were obedient and easy to look after. Taught my children up to primary 6 and happy they got into a good girls’ school that I hoped for. They were happy to study, spell, do homework and read books. Went together to the library to chose books.

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