The Return by Hisham Matar

I randomly searched for a Pulitzer Prize winning audio book and found this at the library (I use the Libby App).

I am still within the first few chapters of this audio book narrated by the author himself. I’m blown away by the exquisite story telling. Not only is he an excellent writer but a brilliant narrator as well.

It’s a true story, a biography. The subject matter is thoroughly engaging. One of loss and trauma. Loss of a father loss of a homeland. The trauma of not fully knowing what happened to his father.

I don’t know much about Libya or Colonel Gaddafi and it is precisely why I am so engaged. I love reading books that expand my horizons. I hope to read the printed word as well, as far as my severe myopia and my vision difficulties due to chemo will allow.

I am drawn to books I can relate to on some level. I have experienced the loss of my father as well, and when I could not be with him, and the struggle of not being able to cope with that loss.

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