Hokkaido Milk Cake at Liang Court

It’s no secret that one of my favourite places to hang out is Liang Court. Recently I was lamenting that the Jolie Creer stall at the Takashimaya basement was a temporary one for the Hokkaido Food Fair. But since then I have discovered another swiss roll that is almost as good. The packaging says it’s a Yuki Roll and the brand is Bake de Arles which seems to be inspired by a place in France. The cream tastes almost like ice cream and the sponge cake is so light. I had the plain milk flavoured one but there’s strawberry and chocolate too. It’s a little stall just outside the Meidi-Ya Japanese Supermarket and one cakes costs S$4.50. I am crossing my fingers that this is not a temporary addition and I hope they keep bringing it in. I would love to visit Hokkaido one day which is famous for it’s fresh milk and gorgeous landscape.

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3 Responses to Hokkaido Milk Cake at Liang Court

  1. Willyn says:

    This looks so tasty and i think i must have a go for chocolate flavoring…….yayyy, can’t wait:-)

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah it was so hard to choose. I wanted to try the chocolate and strawberry as well but that would have been too much 😉

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