Old Fashioned Cream Cake

I found out at Fun toast they charge 30 cents for a tiny cup of hot water. Here at Toast Box they charge 40 cents but the mug contains thrice the amount. I wish water was free, and there were comfy chairs as opposed to tiny stools, like at Starbucks, but at cafes the drinks cost a lot more. It’s a matter of paying ‘rent’ for a place to sit, away from the elements. Today it was yet another sweltering day.

Tried the chocolate cake for the first time and I actually prefer it to the raspberry jam one. It’s a very airy sponge like chocolate cake. Light the way I like my cakes.

The seating here is awful though. Tiny stools and your legs can’t quite fit comfortably under the table. I think they are trying to discourage you from sitting too long. Unergonomic and backache inducing. A tactic or just an aesthetic?

Raspberry Cream Cake
Chocolate cream cake

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