Afternoon Tea Buffet at Goodwood Park Hotel

I haven’t been here in a decade so the whole place looked quite different. We truly enjoyed the experience though and the sofa seating was cosy. The buffet spread was also not too far away and the server who attended to us, Serene, was very warm and welcoming. In all a very pleasant experience.

If you want local food the buffet at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt is a better choice but here we enjoyed the luncheon meat fries and finger sandwiches. The castella cake was so soft and fluffy. My sister loved the scones with clotted cream and my mum enjoyed the laksa. The younger ones also loved the lobster bisque, prawn fritters, cheese croquettes, fried chicken nuggets, macarons and soft serve ice cream with toppings and fruit. Honestly we were spoilt for choice.

Our favourite section

The best part was the company of little angels.

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  1. I have stayed at the Goodwood Hotel twice. A comfortable hotel with a fascinating history. One of the oldest hotels in Singapore, though it hasn’t always been a hotel.

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