French Comfort Food at Hediard

I just love the Tanglin area and it would be a dream to live here. It’s away from the bustle of town but not too far away either. I’ve always felt that Tudor Court is one of the most quaint and charming buildings in town. It’s my favourite part of Singapore and I’ve been meaning to try the afternoon tea at Hediard. We were worried as we hadn’t made a reservation, but since it was a weekday, luckily the place, even though very small, had many seats available. The place felt intimate and cosy.

We both felt relaxed although seats were a bit too close for comfort after more people arrived during the lunch hour. I always find it hard to carry on a conversation when seats are too close. The next time I come I would like a window seat looking out on the lovely street. The food quality was great too. I would have the croque Ferdinand again in a heart beat. I loved my dessert too. We both picked the savoury and sweet set. I chose to have the Croque-Ferdinand, fruit tart and tea. My cousin had the thyme creme brulee for dessert and Orangina instead of tea. She thinks the creme brulee at Paul was the best she’s had in Singapore so far and she didn’t like the thyme in her creme brulee and said it tasted weird to her. I tried it and felt the same way.

Honestly, I wasn’t as impressed by the tea. Perhaps my expectations were too high? I still like TWG best no matter how commercialized that place is and it doesn’t seem very popular of me to say so. I would say Hediard is now my second pick after TWG when it comes to tea.

Thought it was cool that the salt and pepper was served this way, even though we didn’t use any of it.

The Croque-Ferdinand was so yummy. I am no food critic and the word yummy serves me well. It’s the word that pops into my head when I want more of something because it tastes that good. Said to be inspired by Ferdinand Hédiard, founder of Hédiard this consists of grilled bread with Parma Ham, gruyere cheese, mornay sauce. On it’s own it’s priced at S$16 so the S$25 lunch set is more worth while.

My cousin had this instead. Mushrooms on grilled bread.

Lovely presentation of the desserts.

I love raspberry sauce with most desserts. I always need a bit of sourness with the sweet.

Sadly the creme brulee was a tad disappointing.

The little biscuits that came with the tea – lovely.

I polished off every bit of the dessert.

There’s a little boutique shop selling Heidard products like tempting biscuits and jams connected to the tea salon.

I was especially tempted by the candied almonds, but these would probably cost a fraction of the price in France.

A photo I took a year ago and I’ve been longing to try this place since then. I see myself coming here again one day and here’s the address if you wanna try it out too. I really want to try the pastries the next time.

Hediard Café-Restaurant & Boutique,
123-125 Tanglin road, Tudor Court
(next to Tanglin Mall), Singapore 247921
Phone Booking: 6333 6683,
Everyday: 9.00am-8.00pm

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  1. Sofia says:

    I had to smile when I saw the candied almonds 🙂 They are also a tradition in Portugal and I always got them for Easter from my grandmother…

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