Enthralled by the Japanese New Year Celebrations at Liang Court

I love the way Liang Court does things and they confirm again and again why they remain my favourite place to hang out. I’m in love with everything Japanese so I may be a tad biased. Every time I come here it makes me long for Japan. But they really do everything so well. The girl on the drums was so adorable and she put so much gusto into her drumming. The children in their handmade lion dance masks were so cute too. I’m eager to return to Liang Court and especially the supermarket closer to Chinese New Year. I’m quite sure there will be something special in store. They were handing out these colouring books that were so cute and with explanations about the Japanese New Year. I got one too.

liangcourtny2013 - 53992

liangcourtny2013 - 53991

liangcourtny2013 - 53990

liangcourtny2013 - 53989

liangcourtny2013 - 53988

liangcourtny2013 - 53986

liangcourtny2013 - 53985

liangcourtny2013 - 53983

liangcourtny2013 - 53982

liangcourtny2013 - 53980

liangcourtny2013 - 53966

liangcourtny2013 - 53973

liangcourtny2013 - 53972

Mega temptation. First time I’m seeing Reese’s peanut butter.

liangcourtny2013 - 53971

liangcourtny2013 - 53970

liangcourtny2013 - 53969

liangcourtny2013 - 53968

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4 Responses to Enthralled by the Japanese New Year Celebrations at Liang Court

  1. Lady J says:

    Meidi-ya is one of our fave places to stock up japanese food and beer! If only they weren’t so expensive. Hehe

  2. i love the onigiri mascot! extra cute 🙂

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