Oblivion: Bored Out of My Mind

Tom Cruise has always been drawing point when it comes to movie selection, but lately I think he has made the wrong choices when it comes to roles. He seems to keep playing the same character but in different settings. I think he should so more serious dramatic roles rather than just action ones. I am tired of him being Jack (Jack Reacher, Jack Harper). The lines all seem cliche. The motorcycle and flight sequences seem to be there just to remind us of the glory days of Top Gun.

Don’t get me wrong. I still adore him and don’t always believe the tabloids that repeatedly attack him (seems like pure bullying to me when they keep going at him for his religion and height). He’s one celebrity I would love to meet. He was the first real big star that we were introduced to when we were just young teens and I absolutely loved his early movies like Cocktail and Rainman.

This movie was made worse by the lead actress (former Bond girl) who seemed to be there just for her mannequin looks. Her acting was absolutely mannequin like too. I felt no emotional connection or any kind of chemisty throughout the movie. The only little bit of emotion is perhaps when Morgan Freeman appeared but that too seemed old somehow. He always appears to explain and move along the plot as South Park satirized.

The movie did paint a haunting picture of drones in war. Made me think of the drones used currently and the scary place we’re headed.

I really want to pick the movie the next time though. Hope I get to watch a dramatic one soon. I care not for action movies unless it’s something like Armageddon which had elements of comedy, great emotion and an awesome soundtrack.

The next movie I’m very keen to watch is Behind the Candelabre, the movie about Liberace. The trailer looks amazing – so much chemistry and life in just the trailer alone compared to Oblivion. The soundtrack will be wonderful. And don’t get me started on how stunning Rob Lowe looks (he’s an extremely underrated actor).

So seventies too – what’s not to love.


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3 Responses to Oblivion: Bored Out of My Mind

  1. christo varghese says:

    Absolutely agree with Oblivion; time slowed down during that movie and the payoff was not good. it was just a movie without any soul. Morgan freeman was wasted, Andrea Riseborough however was great. i too am interested in Behind the Candelabra, should be a great little bio.

  2. i kinda like Oblivion. I think it’s a smart movie!

    Take a look at this NY Times opinion piece on Tom Cruise. I think the writer wrote what I felt: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/21/magazine/learning-to-re-love-tom-cruise.html

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