Birthday Cakes: The More Candles the Merrier

I may repeat this a lot but I have very caring aunts and uncles who keep me sane. They do so much for us, are really supportive and I wish everyone could have close knit families like this. Even if other things people consider important like career, sucks, I am glad I got lucky with family.

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Recently we collectively had so much fun surprising a daughter/niece/cousin for her birthday. I insisted on a candle for each year of her existence as I find it a travesty to have just 1 big candle to represent 10 little ones. So much less fun. I always think the joy is in having more and more candles – that’s the perk of getting older and earning that extra candle. Surprising the birthday girl was so much fun, that we did it twice. Usually our surprises don’t quite work, but this time it did.

The first time we were messy – strawberry shortcake


The second time we got neater and the cream was firmer. Harder to place a lot of candles sturdily in fresh whipped cream, but much easier when the cream is cold and hard. Carrot cake this time.

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  1. the burning candles are beautiful!

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