Singapore Haze Crisis: Felt Surreal to See the Sky Turn Blue, But it’s Not Over Yet

There is news that winds will change direction and it’ll be grey tomorrow (technically it’s already tomorrow since I’m writing this past midnight), but I just hope we will be pleasantly surprised again. News also that water bombing in Indonesia has eased the situation for the moment.

Took photos today and here’s how it went from dusty grey to an unexpected, delightful pale blue. I even welcomed the sun which was finally able to blaze through. However from what I’ve read on twitter (my main source for haze news) the PM2.5 levels are still at dangerous amounts (those microscopic particles that can get into your blood stream and lungs and inflame vessels) so it’s best to stay indoors, hydrated, and take lots of antioxidants (fruit) plus vitamin C and E to build up immunity and resist inflamation. Crystal has written an awesome post about how you can help your precious little ones during this externally created pollution crisis.

I was going stir crazy being cooped up at home and needed to get stuff, so I went out. And I usually don’t even like going out on a weekend. Another thing I’ve been taking for granted – being able to leave the home and breathe freely. I was holding my breath quite a lot today, especially in the short moments spent outdoors before running for cover in an air-conditioned mall.

And here’s an old post where I expressed my delight way back in 2011 when the rains began clearing the haze. And it wasn’t even that bad then. I hope to see PSI levels in the twenties again. Who would have thought that the smog would ever become this bad. Back in 2011 these moderate levels were considered awful enough.

My older blog post from 2010, about the haze then, sounds so naive and ironic.

haze2013 - 58888

haze2013 - 58890

haze2013 - 58889

haze2013 - 58897

haze2013 - 58898

haze2013 - 58895

haze2013 - 58896

haze2013 - 58899

Also wanted to share an excellent explanation of the Singapore haze crisis by BBC News. Shows what’s happening on the ground in Indonesia.

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4 Responses to Singapore Haze Crisis: Felt Surreal to See the Sky Turn Blue, But it’s Not Over Yet

  1. Crystal says:

    I think before this year we were all naive–not just you!

    A week ago we were all complaining about PSI if 80–we’d now all do a happy dance if it got and stayed that low.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah I feel so silly….but these are really crazy levels. Really think that the government should be handing every household a help kit of sorts rather than have people queue all over the island for masks etc and having them out of stock or at profiteering price levels.

  2. gweipo says:

    I have never been so glad to escape a place as when I got on the plane on Thursday night. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more news on the palm-oil products and greed that gets SG into this problem – how many of the land owners own property in SG? all very well to wring our hands and complain but we’re complaisant as well.

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