New on a Hazy Day: Spotted St Marc Cafe while take Refuge at Marina Square

Checked out a few new places by chance. We were going bored out of our minds cooped at home anyway and at least in a mall you can walk a bit. It seems the air is healthier in a mall because they have stronger air-conditioning and a larger space. At home the smell of smoke easily seeps in, but in a mall I don’t get that.

It’s better to take the MRT to Marina Square than to drive. If you park you have to walk quite a distance to get into the mall as it’s still undergoing renovation I think. Spotted another branch of St Marc Cafe, but didn’t feel like having anything sweet or sandwiches filled with too much mayo. Very tasty but I felt a bit sick after the last time I had sweet mayo filled egg sandwiches for dinner. Just a tip. The sandwiches are cold and if you like you can request that they heat them up. I like that there’s free iced water though and at a time like this we truly need it. I constantly feel parched with the dusty air. And it’s good to drink more water to flush out the toxins we’re breathing in.

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  1. Suntec City, Marina Square, Millenia Walk and the Esplanade in the north are all conveniently linked, either by underground malls or covered walkways. If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, the Marina Bay Sands can be reached from the northern half by walking south on the Helix Bridge, which has several viewing platforms overlooking the bay.

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