Blue Skies, I Miss You

The haze has got me longing for blue skies in Singapore. I haven’t been appreciating our blue skies much, in spite of the heat, now that the smoke has robbed us of that.

Well perhaps I have (look at my header – that’s our beautiful sky on a good day).

The simple act of being able to go outdoors for a walk or a swim in a public pool? I will be more grateful for that in the future. Guess it’s human nature to only notice things when they are taken away. Sucks to be stuck at home.

The haze has brought on flash backs to Geography class in secondary two and how the slash and burn forest clearance methods have come into our lives. It’s a bit surreal. It all seemed so remote then. Things that happen only on a agricultural land far away.

My mum mentioned that even in Singapore we used to burn leaves (I recall that) in the 70’s, till it was banned.

If our respiratory systems are in danger due to the ash, I can’t even imagine how the little babies in Sumatra are suffering. It’s frustrating that this problem has been going on for more than a decade and truly never imagined it would be as bad as it is now. Thinking about our good neighbours in Malaysia too. Usually the winds blow in their direction and they get it even worse.

I read the tweets of our leaders and I appreciate those that are more personal. Wish they could be more from the heart though – an indication that they ordinary people like us and not far removed. But I guess there is a limit when you’re a politician? They are probably thinking of the impact on the economy but I really do wish they would hand out N-95 masks to all households. That would be a great gesture. Just that simple act would mean a lot. Or to go even further perhaps a rescue kit consisting of vitamin C tablets too. I’ve read that we should be taking more fresh fruit juices to keep our defenses up and water to flush out the toxins?

Honestly wish we could all teleport ourselves somewhere where the air is pure and clean. It sent me reeling to read that the haze will last for week? even months? Thinking about my darling little nieces, my cousin with asthma, and my aunts and uncles with cardiac problems and hoping the palm oil companies (I should stop eating products like biscuits that contain palm oil that are poison for us anyway) and corrupt officials behind this will gain a conscience and this all clears sooner than expected.

On the bright side I am loving the haze humour on twitter. Never underestimate the power of laughter.

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7 Responses to Blue Skies, I Miss You

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  2. Xmen says:

    Stay indoor or stay away until the situation improves. Take care.

  3. Laura says:

    These past few days have made me understand never to take blue skies and fresh air for granted.

  4. thanks for the link! haha. i hate the hazeeeeee haha

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