The Little Things in Life & Happiness

I find that when I write I tend to appreciate the little things in life more. When you don’t record things down they tend to get lost and you don’t appreciate them as fully. Well for me at least. I guess that’s why a gratitude journal is often recommended for happiness. Taking stock of what makes you happy can actually make you happier. Also I find that dwelling on negative things and complaining makes me more depressed, so I will try my best to find the positive in everything.

B makes me really happy just by playing music I like in the car. I didn’t know much about music, but he has a huge repertoire and introduced me to a lot of new music that I wouldn’t otherwise have known about, from classical to pop. I had my head buried in books too much and wasn’t exposed to much of anything when I was a teen (embarrassingly nerdy and not in a good way – none of the smarts, all of the awkwardness) so I had a late education when it comes to musical greats. But definitely better late than never and music has a way of uplifting your soul like nothing else so for that I’m really grateful.

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5 Responses to The Little Things in Life & Happiness

  1. jangelos says:

    Music has a magically way of healing and speaking right to the soul. Your partner sounds very astute.

  2. Kaho says:

    I agree with you so much! I think that’s why I love to blog and focus on my happy moments. I love music, too. When I work out in the morning, music is very important, but I am too lazy to upload new music on my ipod nano, so I listen to the same music over and over again! I need to get better…

  3. A piece of writing is a snapshot in time. If you’re passionate about writing, you will constantly strive to get better. Who doesn’t wince when they look at things they wrote long ago?

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