The Outfield – Your Love

I’m crazy about this song right now  – Your Love by The Outfield. And reminds me how I  loved the 80’s. A good time to be a teen. The era of the big hair, areobics and ridiculous shoulder pads. So cheesy, but so good. That was when the music video came out and everyone in school was into British pop music. There was one real movie star then – Tom Cruise.


This non official 1986 video performance is my fave. That was when singers could really sing and it was not all manufactured. The voice was the most important thing and music was melodic.



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6 Responses to The Outfield – Your Love

  1. Cavalock says:

    There’s a current revival of the song cos of last weekend’s SNL skit. Very funny

  2. Madam Zamanie Marak says:

    Never heard of that song before but i like it though…the music…the beat…its really beautiful song.

  3. Basil says:

    Interesting! Never knew this song ever ‘made it’ to Singapore back then. I’m doing a fun project with some friends now where we are covering this song for YouTube. We’re in our mid-20s, early 30s.

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