Krispy Kreme in Singapore

Krispy Kreme has been open for some time, but I was a bit tardy in writing about it. Guess it was because I found it not as good as what I had in Hong Kong. Not as fresh, too sweet and a tad soggy in comparison. Also in Hong Kong the cafe was much larger with more seats. But looking at the pictures makes me crave for donuts. I’m weak.

Here are the pictures of the long but fast moving queues at Tangs. I preferred the chocolate custard filled donut to the plain glazed one. And to be perfectly honest I’d rather have those simple local sugar donuts from the Singapore bakeries.









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5 Responses to Krispy Kreme in Singapore

  1. Have you tried cronuts already? The good ones are delicious!

  2. christo varghese says:

    Krispy Kreme is horribly overpriced in Singapore. The justification that all ingredients including the flour being imported does not make it a better product. It is so much cheaper in all other countries. They have essentially made it a luxury doughnut.

  3. christo varghese says:

    One thing i will say in favour of Krispy Kreme though, some of them are wonderful; Try the Red Velvet dough cake or the Cinnamon Apple doughnut (that one is like eating a slice of apple pie). Do have a strong plain black coffee to go with it, they are really sweet.

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