Sparkling Ribena

After all the holiday eating I was too bloated and didn’t feel like eating anything. I was hungry though so had a sparkling ribena instead (mixed perrier with ribena).


After I posted this on instagram I learnt an interesting fact from Steven Ayers (Ameriporean) who wrote me that blackcurrants are banned in the US. So now I guess I can console myself that we can’t get gum here (that’s not dental gum) but at least we have our good old Ribena.

Tried to find out more and it seems that in New York the ban has been overturned in 2003. It was banned in the US in 1911 when a law was passed making it illegal to grow currants because they were host for a disease that attacked white pine timber.

Anyone else know more about this? I am very keen to find out.

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