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Trying to Find My Way Back

Haven’t been able to get back into a blogging cycle but have been very active instead on Instagram – pictures seem easier. Must get back to my words though – they help me feel like I’m living a more aware … Continue reading

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I Am Loving Instagram

I’m pretty active on Instagram even though I was a late adopter. It’s much easier to post a photo than write a whole blog post. I hope you’ll follow me there too. It was such a joy to look at … Continue reading

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Sparkling Ribena

After all the holiday eating I was too bloated and didn’t feel like eating anything. I was hungry though so had a sparkling ribena instead (mixed perrier with ribena). After I posted this on instagram I learnt an interesting fact … Continue reading

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I Pick Blogging Over Twitter or Instagram

Went on a short road trip to Malaysia and didn’t want to incur huge roaming charges so switched off that function. As a result I was bored, but there were loads of benefits. Downers: 1. When we were lost and … Continue reading

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