Best Rojak in Singapore

It’s not my favourite food (more like my mum’s), but if I am to have it I want the best which can be found at Airport Road Hawker Centre. They have a queue system in place (like in a clinic). You pick a card with a number, wait for it to appear on the screen, then go up to the counter and your rojak will be made fresh on the spot. I got the largest portion at $5.

Before I never realised that there’s quite a bit of sugar in rojak and the secret of it’s deliciousness is the prawn paste. I think the yu tiao is perfectly grilled too.

This won’t taste as good if you buy it take away as the yu tiao will get cold.

IMG_7630 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7627

I haven’t had this in a while. That’s the great thing about a blog – you can go back and revisit your old posts and see if your opinions have changed.

Here’s a very informative review by Hungry Island about the chefs behind this dish.

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