Perth Trip Day 5: Westfield Carousel Mall

I’m not a mall person but we had fun anyway. This mall is 12km from Perth city centre and is the largest shopping centre in the whole of Western Australia. Only trouble was there was difficulty getting a taxi back to the hotel and it was freezing (I didn’t bring my jacket) and we had to wait outside for the cab. Realised the cab system is not as advanced as it is in Singapore where you are able to track the cab and write messages to the driver. Made me appreciate that aspect of a highly urbanised place although I gripe a lot about the crowds.

Don’t think we have this in Singapore
I didn’t want any cake from San Churros but in the end this chocolate fudge cake was actually good
I should have taken more of the noodles and sweet sour fish – the tastiest items
For your Asian food fix
My sister got this
Spacious huge mall

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