Blisteringly Hot Day at Changi Beach Before We Were Enveloped by the Haze Months Later


Somehow you can’t relax when the heat gets to you, but when I look at my photos in the air-conditioned comfort of my home I long to be transported back there again – there where the sun makes the water glisten.

It’s hard to get a parking lot as the place is packed with hordes of people headed to Pulau Ubin – the queues are crazy. Just a sign of how huge our population is, and how our infrastructure is bursting under the weight of overpopulation. I long for the 2.4 million we had back in 1980 (In 1970 it was just 2 million). 5.5 million is just too crazy. We are constantly looking for places to escape – that is places other then our homes, that are thankfully not too packed with people. People who live in sparsely populated countries don’t know how good they have it, in this regard, but I guess they have their own problems too.

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