Feel So Happy Meeting with Two of My Cousins After Almost 4 Years

I have social anxiety, but I don’t feel it with people I’m comfortable with like my cousins. I practically saw them grow up, being the much older cousin. They were the cutest toddlers. It’s true what they say about cousins being your first friends. I also needed a day out socialising with people with whom I could truly be myself and not feel the stress of not measuring up.

Conversation flowed so easily and for that I am so grateful for the awesome company. I didn’t have to diminish myself or hide anything. It truly was refreshing after being a hermit for so long.

I just wanted to add that I admire both of my young cousins so much. They are both so capable and independent, unlike me. Glad they don’t think I’m defective though. I think that of myself.

Since we don’t do this very often it was nice to indulge a bit. Nice to be in fancy surroundings for a change. Most people do this many times a week, but for me it’s a rarity. We maximised the day, by eating just a bit at each venue, giving us more time to chat. We moved from the Marmalade Pantry to Violet Oon and ended with tea at TWG. Tea Party tea is my favourite. That fragrance is amazing and now my cousin loves it too. Everything I had was tasty especially the pistachio cupcake and brushetta at Marmalade pantry and the dry laksa and turmeric chicken wings at Violet Oon. A pity they ran out of my fave item – the satay. Well, hopefully next time.

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