Worse Case Scenario

Many passages in Salman Rushdie’s Autobiography ‘Joseph Anton’ stood out for me, but this passage in particular.

He would not live his life by the worse-case scenario. That would turn him into their prisoner. He was nobody’s prisoner.

Salman Rushdie

You see I’m someone with intense anxiety since childhood and have always lived by prepping myself for worse case scenarios. And I feel very much like a prisoner on most days yearning for just some peace. A huge irony as my name means peace.

It’s so true that it’s no way to live and is only filled with suffering and devoid of hope. It’s no wonder Salman Rushdie has achieved so much in his life with this very optimistic mindset. Besides his genious of course.

Is there a way I could train my brain to consider best case scenarios instead. It’s really hard for me, but how I wish I could.

I think my mum, aunties and uncles do, as they are all deeply spiritual. I admire their faith even though, no matter how hard I try, I can’t regain my own since I lost my dad.

There is a flicker of hope though as a glimmer of my faith has returned. So perhaps there is hope for me yet.

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