The Scarlett – A Boutique Hotel

I tend to gravitate towards quaint little boutique hotels. One of them is ‘The Scarlett’. A friend was staying here and asked us to pop over for drinks. It was my first time there and I just fell in love with the cosy ambience. We had drinks at the cocktail bar in the lobby and marvelled at the plush red velvety interiors.

photo by bookjunkie

Groan!… not another toilet post, I can almost hear you sigh. This blogger is loo obsessed! But I just had to share this photo of the ‘Ladies’ in the lobby. Perhaps I should call it a powder room because it’s just so sophisticated with the brass sinks and ornate mirrors. Don’t you just love it?

It may be a little out of the way if you want to go to town where all the brand name shopping is, but it’s just a 5minute cab ride from Chinatown. The rooms are also pretty tiny (some tourists on tripadvisor feel the rooms are too small), but if you long to stay at some place trendy in Singapore, I think this would be a unique stay. Especially if you’re a ‘non-tourist’ type of traveller. To me it seems like a place for couples or singles rather than a family with kids.

The Scarlett – A Boutique Hotel
33 Erskine Road
Singapore 069333
Tel: +65 6511 3333

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2 Responses to The Scarlett – A Boutique Hotel

  1. 365days2play says:

    I love posh, clean and cosy toilets! The hotel is a nice quaint place to stay, would love to try one day.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    i think we both have high standards when it comes to public toilets 🙂

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