BP Oil Spill – Hair to the Rescue?

Sometimes I feel compelled to blog about certain things happening in our world right now, that affect all of us. Today’s news is tomorrow’s history after all and we’re watching events transpire.

When my partner first told me that hair is being used to absorb oil I have to admit I was not very farsighted and found it a pretty gross image. But it was far from what I had imagined. The hair is actually processed and made into mats and it’s quite incredible how much oil these human hair mats can absorb. Recently though BP has rejected the Bay area resident’s solution of using mats made of hair to help soak up the oil, claiming that the hair gets waterlogged and adds to the debris. I still have doubts about BP’s claim, that this causes more harm than help, after watching the video. Then again, I am no expert. Anyway here’s an incredible video showing how hair absorbs oil while repelling water.


What I found most incredible about this is how fast people rally around a problem.

And what’s with all these oil spills? There’s one now even in Singapore, from a tanker crash, but at least that is finite and has been contained.

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