100 things you didn’t know about Apple and Steve Jobs (via teqnolog)

This was a great post as most 100 things lists can’t hold my attention, but this one did. Another thing I didn’t know about Steve Jobs till recently was that he was extremely handsome when he was younger! He looked a bit like James Taylor in the 70’s. The most fascinating thing I learnt from this list was that he is a Buddhist, strict vegan, and that he travelled to India to look for enlightenment in 1974.

100 things you didn't know about Apple and Steve Jobs If you’re into interesting facts, few companies have as secretive, cool and intriguing histories as Apple and its leader, Steve Jobs. Anything missing? Leave a comment. Apple didn’t have two founders. It had three. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive share the same middle name: “Paul.” Before working at Apple, Jonathan Ive worked for a company called Tangerine. The original Apple 1 computer sold for $666.66. T … Read More

via teqnolog

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