Hong Kongers Love Our Casinos

We have a 30% increase in tourism with the attractions like Universal studios and the 2 new casinos. Unfortunately for tourists that has sent hotel prices upwards as well.

When I go out these days, it seems like maybe only 1 in 2 are second generation Singaporeans, or maybe even less? I wonder how our population will change in a 100 years.

Is it just me or does the croupier (one who deals out the cards etc.) look extremely sad? Poor lady!

{Image: USA Today}

{Getty Image}

A friend of mine told me the house always wins and luckily I have no interest in gambling. I guess you either like it or you don’t. I do like the attractions that come with the new resorts especially the new restaurants. The sampan ride at Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands looks cool.

The biggest increase in tourists come from Hong Kong, who probably come to try their luck at the casinos:

Hong Kong: 48.8%
Malaysia: 48.7%
Taiwan: 47.4%
China: 38%

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