SMRT CEO: I ‘push my way in to trains’ too (via Want some tau huay?)

I’m too irrate to comment rationally and there’s already an expletive filled rant going on in my head each time I read about this issue, so I will just reblog tau huay boy’s post because he says it so well. I just don’t get how management who gets paid exorbitant salaries get away with flippant comments and no real solutions. I am still turning purple over this comment, because it’s a reflection of a lack of compassion for the ordinary citizen who cannot afford to take a cab instead and will be berated by management if they are late for work just because they had to wait for a less sardine packed train they could board:

When asked if she had read the comments and blogs, SMRT chief executive Saw Phaik Hwa said with a laugh: “I’d be a very depressed person if I read every comment about me.”

“I never said that I didn’t recognise it’s crowded … I accept it’s crowded. The point is, in comparison with others, we’ve yet to push people into the train,” she said, referring to Japan and some parts of China.

I wish someone like President Obama would take on the job instead. His salary is a pittance in comparison and I’m sure he would say “Yes I can” and come up with a practical solution.  We need management who genuinely care and not just give up, leaving the people, who have no other mode of affordable transport, to suffer their fate.

SMRT CEO: I 'push my way in to trains' too In my previous post, I wondered if Ms Saw Phaik Hwa, CEO of SMRT Corp, ever took a MRT train during peak hour. Well, apparently she did. In an interview she gave to Channel NewsAsia in respond to the uproar over the comment she made that ‘people can board train – it is whether they choose to’,  she was quoted as saying: I am very a … Read More

via Want some tau huay?

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