Why it’s Better to Grow Up in Singapore Today Compared to the 70’s and 80’s

These are just my personal feelings (I’m a diary blogger & not a journalist by any means) based on my particular childhood experiences some of which I don’t wish to relive.

Nothing set in concrete.

I used to always think life was better then. Part of me still does.

Our population was not as dense, our climate was cooler and the pace of life was slower at least till the 90’s and things were more affordable with less of a gap between the poor and the rich. But we often look back with rose tinted glasses and gloss over the faults. So I think life is better in some ways in Singapore now for the little ones in our families and these are the reasons why:

1. More laws to prevent abuse of children although I feel even more stringent laws are required such as a sex offenders registry.

2. Work related anti discrimination measures, but much much more is needed in terms of the law.

3. Women now have the option to freeze their eggs (I don’t think any government has the right to deny this as it is our bodies) and the window for becoming a mother is lengthened so that fewer are childless by circumstance. (A very painful thing)

4. Medical advances – immunotherapy instead of the more harmful chemotherapy

5. Having a handphone in an emergency is great. Imagine searching or queuing up for a pay phone and not having enough coins.

6. Air-conditioning on buses and in bus terminals

7. The MRT network exists and is getting wider, although I’ve avoided it during Covid

8. Little ones in my family all think smart devices makes life better but on that issue I beg to differ.

I’ll add to this list, but these were off the top of my head.

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