How I’m Attempting to Improve My Writing Skills

I aim to write every day in an effort to improve my writing. Another thing that helps is reading good literature. Because my eyes hurt with too much screen time, I mostly listen to audiobooks.

I wish my eyesight was better, but I’ve been wearing high powered spectacles since I was six.

The other day I didn’t realise I was inching my face so close to the button panel on the elevator to see the numbers till someone actually asked me if I couldn’t see the numbers. The other person was around my age too. But I definitely felt self conscious.

Currently I’m listening to ‘Quichotte’ by Salman Rushdie. It’s one of his newer novels published in 2019, and it’s amazing how he always has a finger on the pulse of society, and is able to satirise our times through the stories he weaves. He is so current, he even covers reality tv , fake news and the polarising of societies. His imagination astounds me. I’m definitely one of his groupies.

The barbaric attempt at Rushdie’s life only revived new interest in his novels. I’m still waiting for good news about his recovery and his assailant actually admitted that he was surprised the acclaimed writer is still alive. His attack being that vicious.

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  1. Janet says:

    Hahaha oh nooooo. I so relate to you losing your eyesight, I’m similar and banged my head dead hard on a glass Bakery display because I was leaning in to read the prices of donuts. Hahaha serves me right. I think you’re an amazing writer and a publisher would be so blessed to have you on board. Keep writing, Shanti. Your words are powerful and are worth investing in xx

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