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Books I Love: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

I’m in the midst of the audio book brilliantly narrated by the author himself, but I long to read it as well, to really take it all in at leisure. No surprise that this is one of the best memoirs … Continue reading

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Hard to Concentrate

It’s been so hard to concentrate. I bring a book to my chemo sessions and so far after 8 sessions I haven’t read a single word. Somehow the brain fog is even worse during the session. It feels like a … Continue reading

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No Refuge

I used to like reading in a mall while waiting for my companion, but these days all the food outlets and cafés seem to be blasting music. Haven’t they heard of mood music?The people running the place must love the … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Distractions

With the proliferation of the internet and smart phone in our lives, well my life at least, I find myself constantly distracted. Also this constant need to be entertained (which is so easy with the smart phone that it’s becoming … Continue reading

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Waning Concentration in the Age of the iPhone

I often feel like I’ve stagnated if I don’t work on improving myself. But often it’s so much easier to give advice then to take it. You see, I am trying to live up to my moniker ‘bookjunkie’ by getting … Continue reading

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Too Early for New Year Resolutions?

I went ahead anyway since as we all know, time is arbitrary. I am now thinking it will help if I just focus on one thing a month. Somehow when you don’t focus your efforts get diluted. You can read … Continue reading

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3 Wish List Things that gasp, don’t include an iPad or iPhone

Warning: Indulgent and materialistic post up ahead. If fairy godmothers who give out commercial products existed, these are 3 things I would wish for right now. Surprisingly not an iPad or an iPhone, neither of which I own and which … Continue reading

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