Angelina Jolie Declares She Isn’t Completely Sane

I just love that she did that, because that’s how I feel about myself these days. Here is the exact quote that she gave at the Comic Con interview from Celebitchy.

On her character Evelyn Salt: “I loved that she wasn’t completely good. There’s something about that,” Jolie says, smiling warmly. “Not to say that’s me. But there’s certainly a side of me that isn’t completely …” She searches for the word. “Sane,” she chooses. “Or completely ‘even’ all the time. We all have our dark sides.”

On her own evolution: “My evolution, and any extremes in my evolution, has been my personality, out of the nature of what’s inside me,” Jolie says. “I’m very unaware of my public self. I don’t read anything written about me. I don’t look at magazines. I only watch the films and premieres if I have to. I still haven’t seen some of my films. If you become aware of a public self, you’re in danger of becoming a very artificial person.”

How Jolie is in person, according to USA Today: In person, Jolie, 35, is delicate in a way that seems the antithesis of her furious screen alter egos. The surprising adjective for this iconic screen vixen in real life is … sweet. Her smile, when it really turns on, is big and goofy. Genuine. It comes out when she spots a picture of a baby on a stranger’s cellphone, reaching out for it: “Is that your daughter? … Oh. So cuuuuute.” With 2-year-old twins at home, she looks at the picture again and asks, almost conspiratorially, how the baby’s hat manages to stay on. When told it doesn’t, she leans back on the couch, nodding knowingly.

On her role in 2008’s Changeling: “That was very cathartic for me. I wish [my mom] would have seen it,” Jolie says. “That was very much her: All of her strength was in the way she loved her children. She wasn’t a very strong person, but touch her children and she would rise up.”

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