Cute Celeb Kids Getting Shoulder Rides

I thought it would be interesting to talk about shoulder rides because you hardly see Asians doing this with their kids. Maybe it’s changing these days, but as a child I have been carried, but have never been placed on anyone’s shoulders. It’s a cultural thing for Asians to be super careful and hygiene conscious with their kids and overprotective not allowing them to wander about or roll on the floor when you’re in a mall. I think children enjoy playing rough though and I noticed that they love being thrown in the air and caught. When my cousin did this with his nephew the toddler squealed with delight, but our older relatives chided my cousin telling him to be more careful. I remember my mum not allowing me to carry babies when I was a kid. They are always afraid you might drop them. Somehow that fear gets instilled in you and then you think you might drop them too. What are your cultural observations? Would love to hear them.

I love Johan’s hair. He is the child of Heidi Klum and Seal.

Jolie’s Salt costar Liev Schreiber and his kids Kai and Sasha.

Ava Jackman looks like she’s having the most fun.

The pictures are from Celebrity Baby Scoop where you can see Heidi cradling her youngest daughter, little Lou as well.

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2 Responses to Cute Celeb Kids Getting Shoulder Rides

  1. Kirsten says:

    My dad used to give me shoulder rides!

    And when I worked as in after-school care in New Zealand I used to give the kids piggybacks. The smaller ones would get shoulder rides, but not for long because I’m pretty tiny myself and honestly, they don’t hold on properly!

    • bookjunkie says:

      soo lucky! 🙂 ….i feel deprived, hahah….but then again I am from the older generation.

      I have given toddlers piggy backs too, but I am always nervous they will slip off because they tend to be squirmy.

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