7 Hours of Sleep is Best for Your Heart

Wow this really makes you think. I think sleeping at 11pm and waking at 6am would be ideal. But sometimes we just need a longer just laying in bed period, so I’d probably need to go to bed by 10.30 pm because I toss and turn a lot and have trouble falling asleep. Vivid dreams don’t help either.

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A recent study suggests that sleeping more or less than seven hours could lead to several diseases including cardiovascular problem, which is one of the most common conditions that lead to death in the United States.

People who sleep for less than five hours a day, including nap-time, are actually doubly likely to be diagnosed by angina coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke, indicates the research that has been published in the journal “Sleep” and conducted by scientists at West Virginia University’s (WVU) faculty of medicine. The study indicates that sleeping for more than seven hours increases risk for cardiovascular disease. People who slept for nine hours or longer were one and half times more likelier to develop the disease.

The most vulnerable age-group was adults under 60 years of age who slept for five hours or less. Their risks of getting the disease was three-fold more than people who sleep for only about seven hours. Women who didn’t sleep so much also ran a similar risk. Hence, sleeping too much or too little is linked to heart attack and stroke, while short duration of sleep was associated with angina.

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