How Does Jolie Not Trip?

It always amazes me that Angelina Jolie never trips while wearing long dresses and high dress.  For me, it seems totally impossible to walk without constantly stepping on the hem of the dress, especially with huge flashes going off in your face. This is the latest silver pink gown she wore for the UK premiere for the movie promotion of Salt.

{Image: Daily Mail}

I love her dusky pink lipstick shade and her eye makeup. She has such a stunning face and I think bangs really suit her. She revaled recently that her kids think she’s dumb – in particular Maddox.

“A mum can’t be cool from her kids’ point of view”
“Maddox, our oldest, beats me at every video game and is totally disappointed in me.”

“To him I’m a dumb-ass who’s no good at computers. I hope he will watch my films one day, then maybe he’ll see his mum isn’t totally stupid.”

{Image: Zimbio}

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