Miss Universe 2010 Asian Update: Korea, Philippines, Singapore

I think Miss Korea, 22 year old Joori Kim looks great in her red sparkly gown. I kinda like her face and she has a nice body too. I hope she gets a shot at the top prize.

{Image: Miss Universe Website}

The frontrunner, Venus Raj looks super skinny in her bikini, but she does have nicely shaped legs. I think at the moment, she does look like a winner. I guess it all boils down to how intelligently or cutely (I noticed the judges give marks for cuteness even if they make no sense) she answers in the question and answer segment.

Oh no. I so wanted to root for her but I don’t like what they did with her hair. Was it to make her appear taller and elongate her face? I also don’t care for the design of the gown or that garish shade of pink.

She does look pretty good in the swimsuit segment through. At least she looks healthy and toned. I wonder if that’s an appendix removal surgery scar on her abdomen or just weird lighting.

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