Miss Universe 2010: National Costumes

Miss Singapore, Tania Lim, actually looks good in her simple gown, although I don’t really see how it represents Singapore’s Culture, it’s fine with me, just as long as she looks good. It looks a bit like lingere to me, reminding me of her girl we had at Uni who used to come to lectures in lingere and she was nicknamed the nightwalker. I thought she made life more interesting and I liked it when they did not control what students wore, like they do today.

I thought Miss Philippines, Venus Raj looked pretty in her National Gown. She’s willowy and elegant.

I thought Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps, looked fabulous.

Miss France, Malika Menard, is cute with the Eiffel Tower atop her beret.

See all the pictures at ONTD. There are some really bizarre ones but that’s what makes it interesting.

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